United Colours – Creating a European support network for LGBTI migrants: call for italian participants

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United Colours – Creating a European support network for LGBTI migrants: Call for italian participants

3-8 July 2017 (travel days excluded) Palermo, Italy

(Erasmus Plus – KA1 -2016-3-IT03-KA105-009632)

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The project

Since LGBTI migrants suffer multiply discrimination, and in Europe there is a heated debate about global migration, asylum and mobility policies.

This project aims to promote the European values of tolerance, solidarity, promotion of human rights. Specific objectives are:

  • Creation of a permanent, sustainable and efficient network of organizations for the LGBTI migrants support
  • Personal and professional competence development of youth workers, social workers, educators, activists with the LGBTI migrants and/or migrant communities
  • International strategy development in order to fight for the human rights of LGBTI migrants
  • Sensitization of the communities – both local and international level – of the issues faced by this target group

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“The stories we were never told” – Erasmus+ in Barcelona

 Cartell stories

Enruta’t (Spain), in cooperation with Informelle Gruppe (Austria) , Arcigay Palermo (Italy) and Roots & Routes Cologne e. V. (Germany), are really excited about presenting the European Seminar “The stories we were never told” which will take part in summer 2017 in the region of Barcelona.

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This project has been designed for 21 educators connected with formal or non-formal youth education with residence in Spain, Austria, Italy or Germany and related with the LGTBIQ+ community. It’s main goal is to address the issue of affective, sexual and gender diversity in the educational context with the biographies of the participants as a resourceful starting point.

During 10 days, from the 24th of July till the 2nd of August, we will work together for the promotion of the sexual rights of every person and highlight livable lives. In this process we will initiate the space for personal development and professional empowerment; generate knowledge and strategies for intervening in educational contexts in relation to heteronormativity; and facilitate the creation of new national and international synergies.

The initiative is mainly supported by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union and for that reason, we can offer the training for a course fee of 100€ (for employed persons) or 50€ ( for unemployed persons), which includes travel, board and lodging! Exceptional circumstances can be discussed.

The deadline for registration is the 3th of June. Each mentioned involved country can select 5 participants for taking part in the seminar. Therefore applications should be sent to the corresponding organization:

N.B.: nel caso vengano presentate più di cinque domande di partecipazione, Arcigay Palermo accorderà la preferenza ai soci/attivisti di Arcigay Palermo, che abbiano competenze nel campo dell’educazione e che si impegnino a far parte del nascente gruppo scuola dell’associazione.
E’ richiesta una ragionevole conoscenza dell’inglese (almeno B1) e la voglia di mettersi in gioco.